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Corporate Information

Who we are

ArKaos has spent over 20 years developing real-time visual processing technologies that integrate and synchronize video and music, visual shows and live performances. Our software and unique hardware media servers have earned a well-deserved reputation for unrivalled performance in speed, effects and manipulation of simultaneous high-definition videostreams.

What we do

ArKaos first made its name in the European concert scene providing visual effects for many major music artists and DJs. ArKaos has grown worldwide and countless lighting and video designers use ArKaos software to bring their creativity to life. ArKaos technology is used in concerts, theatres, churches, clubs, fashion shows and major events around the world to create original breathtaking visuals through projection on video screens and LED walls.

Our culture of ingenuity

Since our beginnings we’ve established a culture of excellence, teamwork and ingenuity. These qualities manifest not only in great products but superior ArKaos products! The CEO and technological brains of the company, Marco Hinic, is backed by a top class management team with backgrounds in the technology and multimedia industry, and a determined team of developers and support personnel. A defining feature is the company’s culture of managing complex technology and innovation while making it accessible to the end user. At ArKaos we always work together with our users refining our products while maintaining our commitment to powerful simplicity. Basically… we work, so you can play.

Our technology with a tradition of simplicity

Today’s fast pace environment demands solutions that meet the needs of the industry. ArKaos has a tradition of simplicity and all of our products reflect that consistent theme.

  • Grand VJ – Play. Mix. Perform. Users can manipulate, trigger and mix video clips with sound, animated text strings or live cameras in much the same way as mixing music to create a spectacular audio-visual show.
  • MediaMaster – Easy Peasy. Users could turn any powerful computer into a full-fledged professional media server capable of running live or programmed HD video shows in sync with music and light.
  • Stage, Studio and Stadium Media Servers – Your Powerhouse of Performance. Simply stated, these servers are powerful. They are designed to be a high performing turnkey solution for running seamless real-time video shows. Fully loaded and ready to go!
  • Kling-Net - The New Standard for Pixel Control. Continuing with our tradition of simplicity, Kling-Net addresses a common industry integration problem between hardware and software. By allowing the distribution of real-time video data to remote LED display devices, over Ethernet Kling-Net protocol is the true plug-and-play solution. Kling-Net drives more LEDs than other protocols and has the flexibility to be implemented by manufacturers into their own lighting fixtures.
  • LEDMaster – Just Map, Program and Perform…It’s that simple. This software was designed as an all-in-one solution allowing anyone to run a LED lightshow. Once connected to any Kling-Net device, it automatically recognizes and configures the device, making it instantly ready for mapping. It doesn’t get any more streamlined than this.

We are proud of our contributions to the industry

We were among the first to come up with cross-platform software that runs on everything from laptops to powerful servers, and have succeeded in educating the market with a totally new product that gives flexibility to all, from the independent light designer to companies. We never stand still. We keep innovating with new developments and by improving on existing products. But above all, we continue to keep our software affordable, intuitive and flexible. We look forward to working with you. ArKaos