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08th Oct 2009

The guys from the Miro crew have just launched a new web site very cleverly called Video WTF? If you don’t know about Miro, it’s a free and open-source desktop video player which is built on open standards and designed to encourage decentralization of video hosting (you really should have to give it a try: get it here).

08th Sep 2009

As promised, here’s the first in a series of tutorials showing how to take advantage of the Flash capabilities within ArKaos GrandVJ. Note that it will also work for NuVJand MediaMaster since the variables are the same.

In this tutorial I’ll explain how to tap into the EQ data to create some simple audio-reactive animations. We’ll be using some basic ActionScript 2.0 for the inexperienced Flash programmer. I won’t go into much detail on the how the code works but it should be enough of an introduction to allow some experimentation in creating new content for your VJ arsenal.

20th Aug 2009

Charlie Mars, the French “Videomaker from outerspace” didn’t wait long to try his new GrandVJ live on a stage.. On Aug. 09 he bought his license from us, the next day he was already posting on his Vimeo channel a cool home demo with GrandVJ visuals that we found by browsing YouTube and posted here.

Now just five days later, on 15 Aug. he was already VJing live for the ZôL concert atMetamorphoses, a French Electronic music festival and it went great, check out the video below!

17th Aug 2009

While a lot of VJ content is produced with high-end motion graphics, 3D modeling, and video editing software, Flash provides some advantages over these platforms not immediately obvious. Although its primarily purpose is as a tool for web development and user interface design, its now a portable weapon of choice that fits nicely into any VJ’s arsenal. Besides its scalability, small file size and custom programming abilities, many video mixing software companies like ArKaos, are now embracing its capabilities by adding the ability to feed Flash EQ and text data for real-time visual manipulation.

13th Aug 2009

Here’s a very funny video we found on YouTube from Charlie Mars, a French artist which qualifies himself as “Videomaker from outerspace”.

Charlie is the guy with the funny colorful hood, of course we spotted the GrandVJsoftware interface on his laptop, with the Korg Nano’s..

So we sent him a little message to know more about him; read the full post for his explanations below the video.